I Am Not Your Therapist

Telling strangers I’m a therapist can be a risky act if I want to avoid being loaded down with the problems of individuals who are NOT my clients. How do we as therapists cope with others taking advantage of our professional/human skills? How do we set clear boundaries with new people to ensure that we don’t burn ourselves out? Tune in to my upcoming podcasts as I search for an answer to this question, just one of many mental health questions I will attempt to tackle.

Do you have a question related to why people do what they do? Fill out the form below to submit your question to be addressed in the upcoming blog/podcast.


13 thoughts on “I Am Not Your Therapist

  1. On the other hand, how can people struggling with mental illness who know why we do what we do better explain what’s going on to people who have questions?


  2. I can totally relate to what you said and I experienced the burn out sensation for not setting clear boundaries, so I’m interested in reading more on this subject. Your blog is already one of my favorites, I love your writing style and the choice of topics! Thank you for following mine, it means a lot!
    Best regards,


  3. For similar reasons, I am afraid to tell anyone I’m a pastor. They either act weird around me like I might find out they do bad things (like we all do from time to time…some more frequently than others) or they will unload on me. I had to learn boundaries, and the lesson took a long time to get through. I still struggle, but I do much better.


  4. Haha! Yes I do wonder why people do what they do sometimes. Sometimes I wonder for a good reason and others for bad reason. Bad: why do designers design those hideous outfits? Good: why is this person protesting? Whats the reason? I’m not sure if they’re good or bad exactly but I always do wonder…

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  5. Good morning (well at least from where I am)! Thank you for stopping by Confessions and following! I certainly will be following your blog, as I love Psychology and always looking to learn more. I’ll be pursuing a Master’s degree in Psychology soon, too! It’s nice to meet you and I look forward to reading your work!

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