It’s Not Just Us

It’s the Fourth of July! Independence Day! I’m celebrating by eating cheeseburgers, sitting in the sun, and belting out my favorite songs from the musical Hamilton. 

Our Founding Fathers themselves weren’t immune to mental illness. A history of John Adams’s irrational behavior and emotional instability leads critics to believe that he was suffering with bipolar II disorder. James Madison, a Founding Father who helped draft and promote the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, suffered with major depressive disorder. 

We should use this holiday to appreciate that we are not the first people with mental illnesses, and we probably won’t be the last. We all have the freedom to take steps to care for our mental health. I hope everyone today is reflecting on what it means to be free, and I hope everyone is using that freedom to reflect on themselves. Pour yourselves a cold one! Happy holiday!


8 thoughts on “It’s Not Just Us

  1. Yes great things can be accomplished, but they do need to stay on their medicine, though. My step cousin would go off his meds because he felt he didn’t need them and it was like he was on a HIGH – I thought he had done recreational drugs, but he was off his prescription meds. He then became paranoid. Unfortunately, he died last summer, no one truly understands the circumstances about his death. Las Vegas PD called his mom, we are all in CA. That’s all we know.

    Another co-worker of my husband’s, his son was unstable, and for whatever reason walked outside with a gun in his hand. His dad said He wasn’t intending to use it, but he couldn’t get there in time to help his son, before the cops shot him dead. So sad.

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