I have been taking in all of the feedback, support, and suggestions that I’ve been getting, and it’s all been great! I have loved reading the comments and emails from you all as I continue on with this Beer Reviewed journey. So now, I am asking for your vote!

I have been working hard to get all of the background details of my upcoming podcast in order. I had made a simple logo icon that I created myself, but the more I looked at it, the more I realized that the details were too small to be sufficient. Therefore, I made some new samples.

I am way too indecisive to be able to choose one, so I decided this would be a good opportunity for some collaboration. I’m asking the crowd for your opinion!

Here are the choices:






I will be forever grateful for some comments of which icon you guys like best! Comment on this post with your choice, and I will give a shout out to anyone who votes! Thank you guys so much for the positive feedback you have left so far during the beginning of my podcast journey. Although, I haven’t gotten the opportunity to respond to everyone yet, I am working toward sending my gratitude your way.


27 thoughts on “MAYDAY, MAYDAY– I NEED HELP MAKING A DECISION (What else is new?)

  1. I like #1.
    I know you didn’t ask for constructive criticism, but I want to put my oar in anyway. I think all of the designs have the same flaw: they don’t communicate your idea very clearly. Since you’re playing on “Peer Reviewed,” it would make more sense visually to start with a P and then edit it to look like a B, rather than having a B and making it look like a P. #4 comes the closest to being immediately legible, but it looks more like it would be for a podcast reviewing inventions or new ideas rather than discussing psychology.
    So, essentially, I think if you were to take a P and then draw on the extra lines to make it a B, the title would make more sense and the brain makes it easier to relate to psychology.


  2. I like the fourth one, but agree with previous poster about the brain. But I’m new here so feel free to ignore my ignorance lol! They all look pretty cool. Best of luck with everything!


    • The brain is significant because “beer Reviewed” is a play off of “peer reviewed,” which is a psychology term. On my podcast I’ll be talking about psychology related topics while drinking the favorite drinks of my favorite psychologists. I’ve been trying to figure out how to make that clearer with my icon, so I really appreciate that feedback! ☺️


  3. I’d go with either the first one or the third one. The first one is the one I find the most visually appealing. I find that yellow thing over the B in the third one visually irritating but I get how it could symbolize the way psychology and the human brain can be messy and disturbing, whereas the first one has a more neat appearance. I don’t like the second one because it gives no indication that you’ll be discussing psychology. Based on the picture and the title I’d assume you were just talking about beer. The fourth one looks like splattered eggs or vomit to me.


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