Calling All Questions!


Greetings followers!

I have been working hard to record some interesting podcasts for you all. I will hopefully be ready to release them soon, so I hope you are all as excited to get the ball rolling as I am.

My FIRST podcast is going to be an introductory podcast, focusing on who I am and what I am doing (because, let’s be honest, who wants to listen to a 26-year-old mental health therapist from in Philadelphia talk nonsense for 30 minutes without a proper introduction??).

One of my goals for this podcast is to build rapport with my listeners so we can examine psychology/mental health together, and I feel that I can’t reach that goal without giving some answers about myself and my experiences (don’t worry, I won’t get too deep here. This is not a forum through which I expect to spill my deepest darkest secrets).

Therefore, I’m calling out for questions related to who I am and what I do, so I can answer them during my first broadcast! What do you want to know? What are you curious about? (I’ll be sipping whiskey sours while repeatedly refreshing this blog post, patiently waiting).


4 thoughts on “Calling All Questions!

  1. What encouraged you to be a therapist?
    To what extent do you guide the client to become better or let them be what they naturally are?
    I know transference from client to therapist is not good but doesn’t it help you sympathise with the client so that they know someone understands them?


  2. do you hav a particular theoretical orientation?
    how do you deal with clients expressing negative feelings towards you e.g. anger? or transference that casts you as the bad guy?


  3. I have a few questions but you might not be able to answer them…. HIPPA and all that.
    How often do you have to send your patients to other programs (either a hospital or other live-in treatment facilities)? Is that difficult for you?
    Do you find yourself holding back on what you want to say a lot? Do you sugarcoat your advice (depending on the patient) or tell it like it is?
    Do you ever get patients and not know how to help them the first time you meet them?
    Is group therapy ever helpful when each person has their own issues? It always looks like rubbish in TV programs.
    What is the most common misconception your patients have about therapy?
    Are any common depictions of therapy or tools used in therapy more harmful than good?
    What do you think about self-diagnosis? About “conversation starters” or other things like this:
    You definitely don’t have to answer all of these, but I thought I’d give you a big mix of questions. 🙂


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